We run most of our services in partnership with or for organisations to their participants/target population, so this page shares information about open and public events.

If there are no Events showing on this page this means we are currently delivering private/funded booked events only.

Page is updated Monthly as new events for the public become available.
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We like to consider growth | If we are not ‘shooting-on-your-court-of-opportunity’, please share your ideas so we can process if they align with our current vision or can impact our future vision. 

Girls Hub Reunion

Sunday 2nd July from 9 am to 1pm
FREE! Limited to 30 spaces, first-come-first-served for those that book first!
Coombe Abbey Park
Laser Tag and Combat Archery plus plenty of time to celebrate and reconnect with Guardian Ballers
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Park Hang-Out @ Manor Farm Estate, CV2 1HZ

Boys and Girls; Aged 10 and older
Saturday 10th June | 11am to 2pm
FREE! | Prizes to be won!
Manor Farm Estate, MUGA Court, CV2 1HZ
Come and Chill or Come and Play: BasketBALL games and skill development; WellBEing reflections; Ways to make the Community BETTER.
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“Guardian Ballers has become an integral part of our School Community empowering hundreds of children to discuss their feelings and emotions openly and confidently. The elite training for our basketball teams has increased whole-school sporting participation and the results that our teams achieve. The dedication of the team to the betterment of our students' lives matches our vision for providing the best for our students both academically and for personal development of the self"
Headteacher at Multi-Academy Trust
After witnessing impact and investing weekly into Guardian Ballers partnership for over 18 months