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Targeted Interventions, Mentoring and Referrals (1-to-1 or small groups)

Bespoke 4 week to 12/18 month journeys within a safe setting, upon request of a lead organisation or support-network.

School Programmes and Whole-School Enrichment Delivery

Wellbeing Health-Checks of a Whole School, PE lessons, PSHE lessons, Extra-curricular, Themed days, School teams, Interventions and Referrals, Staff CPD and more!

Workshops and Seminars

Over 10 different Workshops and Seminars that provide a theory and/or classroom-based extension of our practical court-side delivery. Multiple sessions across themes of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Race and Diversity, Multi-Faith and more.

BETTER Experiences

Practical volunteering experience shaped in collaboration with local charities and organisations for our Guardian Ballers to enact the “BETTER” part of their #BallBeBetter journey.

Assemblies, Talks and Invitationals

Inspirational and Educational content that can be presented to engage small or large audiences. From Formal ‘big events’ to School assembly halls.

Camps and Collaborative Events with Organisations, Community Groups and Local Authorities

Producing events and activities that respond to the needs of specific communities.

Leadership Development

Leader Education Sessions and targeted Leadership Development journeys- including external delivery established organisations and internal development and custom-designed programmes.

Community Hubs

Bespoke evening Community-based BALL-BE-BETTER journeys for young people across multiple postcodes and backgrounds. Two-hour sessions including Basketball and Wellbeing development, and snacks too! A journey that creates friendships, deepens understanding and takes fun to another level.

Creative Arts

Collaborating with local and international entities to produce content that empowers through the process and the product.

Open to consider proposals for projects or work experience.

Elite and Grassroots Athlete Support

From professional athletes through to newly-registered local team members, we have a variety of ways to bring athletes to a place of greater mental and emotional wellbeing- in individual and collective settings.

"I just wanted to thank you. ๐Ÿ’Ž mentioned how much her confidence and self belief has grown because of your organisation. Sheโ€™s been the top scorer in her school basketball and netball matches and has led in winning her netball matches. The latest game was with [School] and [School] win 11-1. She credited the work you all have done in developing her self esteem and she has improved mental health too. Many Thanks ๐Ÿ’Žโ€™s Mum๐Ÿ˜Š"
Young Person's Mum
After they attended our Mixed Gender Community Hub

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