A Team on a Mission

We are a mental health and wellbeing service that exists to empower young people to become happy, healthy and community-transformers!

There are thousands of young people who can be magnetised by Basketball then led to greater wellbeing and to have a powerful impact on their own community.

Our Team and Mission

We empower young people (aged 10-25) through our programmes to:

  • BALL | Enabling engagement, progression and enjoyment in the Sport of Basketball.
  • BE | Educating about mental and emotional well-being, exploring the value of character and identity, as a foundation for impacting current and future life circumstances.
  • BETTER | Facilitating practical experiences with local charities and community organisations, to discover how to make the world better.

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Power | Our Impact

Young People and Adults, aged 10-25, attended a 4+ week or 4+ hour GB journey (average over two years)
Reported that our GB journey positively impacted their wellbeing and physical activity levels (average over two years)
Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds (average over two years)
30% +
Receiving support through Free School Meals, Additional Needs Provision and H.A.F. eligible (average over two years)
Girls and Young Women are a valued proportion of the Guardian Ballers Community (average over two years)
I felt overwhelmed that I could have such an impact on the lives of so many young people. My confidence to communicate has grown exponentially since I started. Initially I was so anxious to speak to young people but now I feel more comfortable to speak up and help young people engage in the Guardian Ballers Sessions!
Chris George (Coventry University Sandwich-Placement Intern 22-23)

Our Supporters and Partners

Our work is supercharged through partnerships and funding!
We acknowledge, honour and thank all of our supporters for enabling us to empower a generation of ‘Guardian Ballers’!

Programmes | Our Services

In Crisis? Click here for links to urgent support

Targeted Interventions, Mentoring and Referrals (1-to-1 or small groups)

Bespoke 4 week to 12/18 month journeys within a safe setting, upon request of a lead organisation or support-network.

School Programmes and Whole-School Enrichment Delivery

Wellbeing Health-Checks of a Whole School, PE lessons, PSHE lessons, Extra-curricular, Themed days, School teams, Interventions and Referrals, Staff CPD and more!

Workshops and Seminars

Over 10 different Workshops and Seminars that provide a theory and/or classroom-based extension of our practical court-side delivery. Multiple sessions across themes of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Race and Diversity, Multi-Faith and more.

BETTER Experiences

Practical volunteering experience shaped in collaboration with local charities and organisations for our Guardian Ballers to enact the “BETTER” part of their #BallBeBetter journey.

Upcoming Events | Book Now


AGES 10+
Saturday 8th June 2024
Manor Farm Estate, MUGA (CV2 1HZ)
Basketball Gameplay & Multi-Sports, Wellbeing and BETTER Activities. Supported by Citizen, Moat House Community Trust and CLM Church.


Boys and Girls ages 13-18
22nd - 23rd July or 25th -26th July. 8:45am to 5:45pm each day
Snowdome, Tamworth
Join us on an exciting 2-day snow camp experience snowboarding and skiing delivered by accredited instructors from Snow Camp Charity!


Boys/Girls ages 8-11
29th July - 10 am to 3pm
FREE with HAF CODE - £20 without a HAF Code
Bethel Church, Spon End, Coventry, UK, CV1 3HB
Basketball Gameplay & Multi-Sports, Wellbeing and BETTER Activities

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