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“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” (African Proverb)

We love functioning as a part of a wider community. Here is how you or your connections can join our journey.

Volunteering with us

The strength of our organisation is expressed through the power of our volunteering team.

We have a variety of volunteering roles:

  • Assisting our staff with delivery during the school day / office hours
  • Supporting our staff with evening and community delivery
  • Collaborating with out-of-hours tasks (such as, social media post creating and scheduling, creative media projects and image capturing)
  • Emergent roles that we might not have thought of yet- we’re open to ideas!

Our commitment to Guardian Ballers Volunteers:

  • Checks and training to equip you for working with young people in Guardian Ballers operations
  • Experiences working with diverse communities
  • Support and supervision from Guardian Ballers staff (i.e. safe and collaborative working environments)
  • Communication of our internal and external opportunities with us

What we are looking for in Guardian Ballers Volunteers:

  • To embody our culture and embrace of mission

  • Availability to help out (in person or remotely) for at least one hour every two weeks (preferably weekly) during School term times OR commitment to assist at holiday experiences/camps

  • Attend all of our ‘Leaders Gatherings’ (every 4-6 months) to keep up-to-date with updates, training and to co-create vision with the team

  • To have a current lifestyle that will enable a minimum of 6 month term/commitment

N.B. We love to grow a dynamic team so if you have a passion to be on team but have some availability challenges, please chat to a member of our team so we can see what arrangements can work!


Prospective volunteer’s previous experience, response rates, DBS/Police check status, and ability to attend induction training, all determine how long it will be until they are able to actively volunteer (4-8 week timeline on average).

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please Contact us.

Strategic Partnerships

It’s not about us, it’s about the world which we serve.

Our intention is to deliver all of our services in partnership with the local stakeholders in the areas where we are operating.

Our heart is to operate centrally (but not exclusively) amidst Mental Health Providers, Sport and Physical Activity Organisations and Local Community Partners. We know that we can make the biggest impact when we function on a wider team.

If you, your organisation, or someone you know would like to explore partnership with us on a short, medium or long-term, please contact us via 

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Every hour with a young person, every event and every effort that resulted in a transformed life costs money.

As we grow, we want to enable organisations and individuals to join our community as we positively transform lives.

As a small, charitable-sector organisation, financial support can help us reach more young people so here is how you (or someone you know) could support us:

PROJECTS | Fund a project or programme that reaches multiple young people over an extended duration.

YOUNG PEOPLE SPACES | Sponsor one or multiple young people to have a direct impact on their journey towards greater mental and emotional wellbeing, Basketball engagement and Community impact.

KIT AND EQUIPMENT | Increase your public exposure by sponsoring the kit that Young people are given, with your logo being displayed. Or choose to be hidden, with the pride in knowing that you are equipping multiple young people in tangible ways.

To inquire about the sponsorship opportunities we have, please Contact us or Donate here.

Connect us to your network

If you are wanting to explore work that aligns with our Purpose and can add-value to our Impact we’d love to hear from you.

Spotlight example- Through our partnership with Think Active, we were connected to Stickz and Stonez where we co-produced an ‘Entrepreneurship and Design Workshop’

Guardian Ballers helps me merge my Psychology A Level studies and love for Basketball. My first Guardian Ballers programme helped me discover new ways of how me and my friends could respond to the obstacles that life threw at us.
Ashea (Young Leader on the RE-PRESENT journey)
Shared to 40 other teenagers at the Girls Community Hub