We are proud to be reaching communities that are diverse and to be tackling the disproportions in mental health, sporting, and socio-economic statistics by focusing (not exclusively, but intentionally) delivery on certain communities: Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities, those from Lower Socio-Economic backgrounds, and Females.  

You can’t capture comprehension stories of life transformation in numbers, but statistics are helpful to show the trend and trajectory of our work so far (numbers reflect April 2021-22 annual impact data). 

Young People and Adults, aged 10-25, attended a 4+ week or 4+ hour GB journey (average over two years)
Reported that our GB journey positively impacted their wellbeing and physical activity levels (average over two years)
Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds (average over two years)
30% +
Receiving support through Free School Meals, Additional Needs Provision and H.A.F. eligible (average over two years)
Girls and Young Women are a valued proportion of the Guardian Ballers Community (average over two years)


If you prefer to embrace stories, make yourself a drink and watch our professionally produced “Guardian Ballers Life Stories” mini documentary. 


Through 2021-22 evaluations (co-created and monitored with Coventry and Warwickshire Mind), our Guardian Ballers participants also reported that: 

  • 45% Did not attend/access any physical or mental health activity before engaging with Guardian Ballers. 

  • 82% said their mental health improved 

  • 84% felt more secure in their community 

  • 76% reflected that they improved their vocation and volunteer engagement 

  • 89% felt more able to socialise with others 

  • 87% said their physical health improved 

  • 82% wanted to do more Guardian Ballers sessions

The connection Guardian Ballers Leaders have to positively help young people was palpable, it was deeply inspiring and a lesson in the art of engagement, connection and empathy.
Adam Rigarlsford (Strategic Lead), Sport England , November 2022
After being present at GB sessions at the Commonwealth Games Equipment Handover and Media day