Fundraising and Sponsorship

Every hour with a young person, every event and every effort that resulted in a transformed life costs money.

As we grow, we want to enable organisations and individuals to join our community as we positively transform lives.

As a small, charitable-sector organisation, financial support can help us reach more young people so here is how you (or someone you know) could support us:

PROJECTS | Fund a project or programme that reaches multiple young people over an extended duration.

YOUNG PEOPLE SPACES | Sponsor one or multiple young people to have a direct impact on their journey towards greater mental and emotional wellbeing, Basketball engagement and Community impact.

KIT AND EQUIPMENT | Increase your public exposure by sponsoring the kit that Young people are given, with your logo being displayed. Or choose to be hidden, with the pride in knowing that you are equipping multiple young people in tangible ways.

To inquire about the sponsorship opportunities we have, pleaseĀ Contact us orĀ Donate here.