We want to empower a generation of “Guardian Ballers” that are happy and healthy, so they can transform the world around them.


Guardian Ballers focuses mainly on young people aged 10-25 to empower them to BALL-BE-BETTER:

BALL | Enabling engagement, progression and enjoyment in the Sport of Basketball.

BE | Educating about mental and emotional well-being, exploring the value of character and identity, as a foundation for impacting current and future life circumstances.

BETTER | Facilitating practical experiences with local charities and community organisations, to discover how to make the world better.

We act to empower young people to #BallBeBetter through a variety of Programmes such as: School enrichment delivery; Community journeys and Partnerships; Holiday Experiences and Events; Leadership growth; Charity engagement; Special events; Elite Sport Support; Intervention; Creative and Entrepreneurship development; Partnership-working with public services and Faith communities.

To tackle disparities and injustices that exist in societal, mental health and sporting statistics, we focus our delivery (not exclusively, but intentionally) on targeted communities: Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities, those from Lower Socio-Economic backgrounds, and Females.
N.B. We do not exclude any population, but we do aim to bring equity to tackle disproportions in data.